Talent Show 2019

Talent Show helps students to discover their performing arts gift, builds confidence and foster a positive camaraderie spirit. On 30th January, Wembley held its annual Talent Show  to commemorate student’s creativity and talent. Ms. Shla and Ms Raenu supervised the event alongside Year 11 students. Ms. Geetha helped out too. The audition was held on […]

Back to School: Orientation in Wembley!

Today, the white-washed walls of Wembley were filled with chortles, boisterous laughter and merriment. Students ran in like a hurricane, greeting the principal, teachers and staff. “Good morning!” “Hello! Good morning, teacher!” “How are you?” “Hiii!” Their faces were plastered with excitement. They were thrilled to see the newly refurbished school. “Look we’ve got a […]

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