Educational Trip to Science Fair

On 10th March 2020, students of Wembley Academy went to the International Medical University located in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

They departed from school around 12.30pm after lunch. Upon arrival, they were divided into smaller groups whereby each group will visit the booths for specific information gathering. Each booth had its own distinct scope in regards to the field of Forensic Science.

The event kicked off with the recreation of a murder scene that had a dead woman (life-size doll) for the students to view. The students were given worksheets to fill in -the task was to identify the bruises and possible reasons for the woman’s death. Students were allowed to explore the ‘crime scene’ to find possible causes of her death and come out with a possible hypothesis and conclusion as to how it could have occurred.

After that, students went to the booths allocated for their task such as the DNA booth and et cetera, in which to test samples, and to proceed with the investigation until the case was solved. A few activities were held in each booth for the students to complete in order to find further clues.

At the end of the task, a speech was given by the famous forensic scientist, Dr Major Pramod Bagali on the ‘Future of Forensic Science: Human Aspects and Innovation’.

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