Field Trip 2020: Trip to Skytrex (Term 1)

On Thursday, 12th March 2020, senior students made an interesting field trip to ‘Skytrex’. It is located in Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat, Selangor which is around an hour’s drive. Departing around 9 am, they arrived at the location at 10.30 am due to traffic.

The students were very excited as they travelled up the winding hill overlooking the jungle that surrounded the place. Upon reaching the entrance, the students and the teachers hiked up a small hill to get to the obstacle course.

Once there, they had a short briefing on safety guidelines and rules while plying the obstacle course. They were also shown how to use the harness correctly by the guides.

During the demonstration, student volunteers had to climb a ladder, swing themselves onto a platform and then do a slide free fall down the wire. This exhilarating aerial journey is known as ‘flying fox’ or ‘zipline’. The students were thrilled!


Soon the real fun began: the actual obstacle course and flying fox. The students had to climb at least 10 feet up a tree. They then had to zipline across the river below. This was extremely exciting! Friends cheered and encouraged each other to complete the obstacle course.


Some of the hurdles’ students came across were having to balance on beams, swing on ropes and climb ladders -ladders that were about 12ft high. At the end of the course, students had contented smiles on their faces. The trip ended with a photography session and with many of them saying that they would like to attempt this obstacle course again in the future!

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