Field Trip 2020: KidZania (Term 1)

On Thursday, 12th March 2020, the juniors went to ‘Kidzania’, an interactive learning edutainment theme park, specifically for four to fourteen-year-olds. Kidzania is designed to imitate real-life occupations so that kids could get a taste of reality by engaging in role-playing adult activities. It is located in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya Selangor.

Students and teachers had to undergo temperature checks as a safety precaution due to the Corona Virus outbreak which a few days after the trip became a widespread concern. They were also given a short briefing before being taken up to where play becomes a reality.

The security at Kidzania is tip-top; they are using ‘Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Bracelets, whereby only a staff member can remove the bracelet using a specialized system. Furthermore, there is only one entrance and exit which was tightly controlled by KidZania’s well-trained security personnel.

The theme park offers more than enough real-jobs for the students to be fully occupied for the whole day. Among the jobs offered in Kidzania city are firefighters, policemen, cashiers, pilots, dentists, chefs and much more. Students who complete certain tasks will be able to earn ‘KidZos’ which is the currency in use. Like a real functioning city, they have a bank to save their ‘KidZos’ and make other transactions such as debit card requests once they have opened their personal savings account.

The staffs were very helpful; they never fail to greet students and offer available jobs as soon as they see any child walk past who is not doing anything. Parents or guardians are able to rest while the children work and earn money. Adults can rest assured that the staffs are all over the place watching every child, where not a single child is left behind or overlooked.

Our students would take turns as firefighters, marching around the city and putting out fires on a burning hotel façade. They also learned how to make their own Boba tea at ‘Tea-Life’ cafe. The same goes for McDonald’s, students enjoyed putting together their own meals and eating them afterward.

Overall, the trip was very educational and students also learned that it is not easy to earn money; it is very tiring. Yet, the rewards of being able to buy goods with own salary are indeed satisfying. Learning-by-doing is the best educational journey.

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