Quiz and Mock Exam 2020

The common experience of sitting in the examination hall is one of struggle, great tension and even mental agony. Yet, some students do feel excited when doing quizzes and exams.

Wembley Academy had this year’s first quiz recently. The quiz was held for a week from the 27th February until the 4th March 2020. The students worked together to round up their own tables and chairs to the hall where the quizzes will be held. As this required a lot of manpower, strong teamwork spirit was created among the students engaged in this task.

Even students of years 2 and 3 were placed under similar conditions, in their own classroom, in order to foster ‘exam’ awareness. Whereupon the seniors from Year 7 to Year 10 had their quiz in the library and hall, the Year 11 students had their mock exam to give them a taste of the upcoming IGCSE examination.

Not to mention, some students felt tensed and stressed especially when the invigilators innocently looked over their shoulders as they were doing the quizzes. Furthermore, waiting for the results was quite draining emotionally as well.


All the students gave their best in the papers and in accordance to exam regulations.

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