Telematch 2019

On the 15th of March 2019, Wembley held the first Telematch. The Telematch was an initiative taken to encourage outdoor learning. Ms Maureen was helped by the Student Council for the preparation of games. After lunch, students gathered at the school compound and boarded the bus to the Bukit Jalil Recreational Park. They were divided into respective sport houses.

Ms Maureen took charge and gave instructions about the event. She explained about the rules of the Telematch. She also advised students to take care of the park and not to mess up the environment. After the briefing, students went to their respective stations. There were many different exciting activities that were played.

Emerald started with Pencil in the Bottle. A pencil is tied to the string around the waist and students were required to insert the pencil in the bottle. The other stations were also having fun. Citrine was trying with all their might and energy to wring the wet cloth out into an empty mineral bottle.

Students also played Pass the Cane and Ping-Pong Ball Race. Students’ spirits were high and the park boomed with boisterous laughter.

After the first session of the Telematch, students took a break and prepared for second part of the games. At their respective stations, students started with the Wheelbarrow Race. Next was Drunken Sailor. Then, they played Pass the Water and Water in the Mouth challenge.

Overall, it was a tiring but enjoyable day. It was great to be outdoors – having fun with friends while engaged in exciting and competitive games.

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