Field Trip 2019 : 2 Days 1 Night to PDS Training Camp,Port Dickson (Term 1)

On the 21st and 22nd of March, students took a break from books and went on a field trip to PDS Training Camp in Negeri Sembilan. Field trips in Wembley Academy provides a platform for students to break-free from technology and dive into nature. Students departed from school around 8.30 a.m and arrived at the Training Camp around 10 a.m.

The coaches then encouraged students to take part in the management games. In the first game, students were required to use a sponge and a bucket to fill 10 cups, the team that finished in the shortest time will be the champion. In the second game, students did the same thing but with a large cloth, a cup and a bottle.

Games continued after lunch. After an hour of games such as lemon and spoon race, students were given the freedom to swim in the pool and have fun with their friends.

After dinner, students participated in an indoor activity. Students were given various fun and engaging tasks. The first sports house to complete all the tasks was awarded with house points.

It was a rat race to the finish line! Next, it was time for the ever famous BINGO! With a twist. They used names of popular franchises instead of numbers. The first house to complete all 5 letters and scream out B-I-N-G-O wins! The next game was HUMAN KNOT. After that, students went to bed.

The next day, students went for the high rope challenge. They were briefed about three challenges such as the Catwalk, Cosman’s Walk and the Rope Walk. For the Catwalk, students had to walk on a steel bar without holding on to anything. The Rope Walk challenge was to walk on rope with a harness. Finally, the Cosman’s Walk had to be completed by leaning forward and holding the rope as they walks sideways.

All the members participated actively and completed the challenges. It was then time to pack their stuff and go home!

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