English Week 2019

English Week provides platforms and opportunities to cultivate the usage of English, through a variety of meaningful activities with the perfect opportunity to practice English in a fun manner.

The English Week kicked off with a mass ‘Word Scramble’ activity in the hall on the 25th February 2019 and ended on the 1st March 2019. Our English teachers had planned a plethora of interesting activities such as Taboo, Chalkboard Pictionary, Skits and Five Second Summary in the hopes of motivating students to think, write, read and speak clearly and effectively.

Students found Taboo and Chalkboard Pictionary extremely hilarious. They had fun mocking each other’s drawing or seriously competing to see which group gets top marks in Taboo. Skits was another unexpected source of amusement as students from various levels performed on stage, I believe they had the most thrill laughing at themselves! As for Five Second Summary, it  required a lot of skill to come up with a suitable explanation for the proverb or idiomatic expression. Many students moved out of their comfort zones by acting in front of their classmates.

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