Talent Show 2019

Talent Show helps students to discover their performing arts gift, builds confidence and foster a positive camaraderie spirit. On 30th January, Wembley held its annual Talent Show  to commemorate student’s creativity and talent. Ms. Shla and Ms Raenu supervised the event alongside Year 11 students. Ms. Geetha helped out too. The audition was held on the 25th January. Students came up with specific acts to perform. They were determined to give it their best shot! We were extremely proud of them. We saw their faces beaming with diligence. They kept coming up with questions and ideas. Some were wild!


Ms. Geetha, Ms. Shla and Ms Raenu judged the audition. They gave the students constructive criticisms. The organisers were the lifesavers! “Thank you so much guys”. They helped organise the event, volunteered to become the emcees and conducted the games.  Such a proactive group of students. Tears of joy. The process was never an easy one. It took time, proper planning, effort and love. That’s the ingredient, love. Ample of love into the whole event. We wanted students to be inspired to perform. The goal was not to belittle their efforts but to encourage them.

Teachers decorated the school board alongside with the students. They cracked up jokes and bonded amazingly well. The girls were in high spirits. On 30th January, the event started at 12.30 p.m. Students gathered in the hall and the fun began!

We was extremely excited. Jessey and Yanni gave an inspiring speech. Students put up a wide range of performances such as modern dance, puppet show, musical, K-pop and hip-hop. The crowd cheered in exhilaration. The games were fun too. We had Limbo. Our students are super-duper flexible!


The Dress Me Up game reckoned by Ms. Shla was impressive. Students dressed each other up in newspapers and other recycled materials for a ramp walk. We laughed our hearts out. The students enjoyed the whole event. Isaac gave us an 8.5/10 rating! “Thanks a bunch Isaac!”


Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable day. Even the teachers had fun and gave us plaudits. We were worn out but truly satisfied that the show went on well! Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Ms Raenu, Ms. Geetha and Ms. Shla. “Ladies it was a perfect crime! Sending you all love.”

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