CNY Celebration 2019

On 15th February, teachers and students were so excited for Chinese New Year celebration where mostly of them were dressed up in either cheongsam or samfu. Students took a glimpse at the decorations around the school and were anticipating for the activities which will be carried out on that day.

“Hello everyone, I’m Phoebe and she is Yong Xin. We’re your emcees for today!”

“Wow! They are so handsome and pretty with traditional clothes on!”

“Look, Year 9 did a good job in the fashion show! “Wow! He is wearing traditional attire by using red packets as decoration!”

After watching the fashion show, students were so excited for the next activity which is GAMES! Every student was put in a group of 9 and they quickly proceed to the required stations according to the cue card which was given to them.

Laughter and cheering can be heard everywhere around the school as the games started. Students enjoyed all the games prepared by the organiser and they can even quench their thirst while enjoying the games as one of the games involved was required students to be blindfolded and finish the peeled mandarin oranges.


Not only that, students managed to boost up their taste buds as they are required to be blindfolded and taste different types of drinks!! Team work and group cooperation can be seen when they were playing and enjoying the games. Besides being exposed to Chinese New Year celebration, students do learn some moral values from playing the games.

After running around the school to accumulate the points for station games, students felt hungry and they can’t wait for the next activity which was Potluck. All of the students were asked to go back to their own classrooms and shared the food that they brought from home with their classmates.

After a while, fire crackers and drum sound can be heard! It was the lion dance performance! All of the students quickly gathered at the hall and enjoyed the lion dance performance.

“It is time to announce the winners for station games and fashion show!” The winners were so excited when they get a chance to grab the angpao prepared by the school admin.

At 2.20pm, it was time for CCA and that’s how the end of 2019 Chinese New Year celebration for Wembley Academy.


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