Back to School: Orientation in Wembley!

Today, the white-washed walls of Wembley were filled with chortles, boisterous laughter and merriment. Students ran in like a hurricane, greeting the principal, teachers and staff. “Good morning!” “Hello! Good morning, teacher!” “How are you?” “Hiii!” Their faces were plastered with excitement. They were thrilled to see the newly refurbished school.

“Look we’ve got a pool table!”

“Oh my god, look at the trampoline. We have a trampoline!” And their eyes grew wide as plates.

After a month of school break, students were happy to see old friends and new faces. Some of them broke the ice with a smile and started having a conversation with the newbies. The toddlers were running around in search of their classes.

At 9.00 a.m. the troupe flocked in the hall. There were whispers and giggles as the teachers walked into the hall. “New teachers…” murmurs were audible. Ms. Maureen, the Head Teacher took the lead and greeted the students.

The morning started with practicing the National Anthem and reciting the National Principles. Ms. Raenu and Ms. Shla even explained the importance of both the National Anthem and Principles.

The baton was then passed on to Ms. Maureen who introduced the new teachers. Ms. Sara, Ms. Simran, Ms. Vishaka, Ms. Shalini and Ms. Michelle – WELCOME to the Wembley family!

Ms. Maureen then asked the students the vision and mission of the school. Eyebrows furrowed, bodies shrunk, eyes rolled and shoulders shrugged. They were clueless! But they did not give up. They asked Ms. Maureen for time to give their answers and time was what they got. Post-brunch, Ms. Maureen notified the students regarding a few set of rules that the school has introduced to ensure a controlled, disciplined environment: the Merit- Demerit system.

After lunch, students gathered in the hall for the election of Student Council. Voting ballots were given with ten representatives. The delegates introduced themselves and gave short impactful speeches to grab support. The crowd went wild, cheering. Everyone then casted their votes. Ms. Sara and Ms. Vishaka jumped in, with an amazing game. Students and teachers got an opportunity to bond.


The next day, Tuesday the 8th, the morning assembly was once again conducted. It was day two of orientation – more fun activities!  Ms. Geetha gave an inspiring speech and asked the students about the vision and mission. A few of them managed to get it right! Good job, guys! Ms. Maureen then instructed the students to get into their clubs and sport houses for the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The rooms were filled with thunderous laughter. Wisps of enthusiasm hovered in the air.

Post-lunch, the members of the Student Council was announced. Yaw Ming, Jye Li, Carmen, Gee Hunn, Patrick, David and Crystal gave their heartfelt gratitude to the supporters.

At 1 p.m. students went back to their respective classes and started decorating. Walls were pasted with motivational quotes, duty roster, organisational chart and birthday chart. Even the teachers joined in the fun. At 3 p.m. it was time to head home and come back anew for a new academic session!



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